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Dec 17, 2019

Mal Journal × Hard to Read at Mimosa House

Join Mal Journal and Hard to Read for an evening of readings, screenings and installations reflecting on class, sexuality and the commons.

2019-12-17 18:30
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Mimosa House ↗

Mal is a journal of sexuality and erotics supported by Feeld.

On the occasion of ‘A Silenced Victory’, a solo exhibition by a renowned Italian poet and artist Tomaso Binga, Mimosa House invites  Mal Journal and Hard to Read to present an evening of readings, screenings and installations, reflecting on class, sexuality and the commons. Participants include Fiona Alison Duncan, Huw Lemmey, Reba Maybury, Eileen Myles, Natasha Stagg, Monique Todd (Pleasure Principles) and Clem Macleod (Worms). 

Programme: 6:30–9pm (readings begin at 7pm)

Fiona Alison Duncan, ‘Phoenix Goddess Temple’ (Mal Journal, 2019)

Huw Lemmey, live reading

Reba Maybury, live reading

Natasha Stagg, video performance of ‘Candy’ (Mal Journal, 2019)

Eileen Myles, video performance of ‘Three Poems’ (Mal Journal, 2018)

Pleasure Principles, display table 

Worms, display table

There will be a bar and drinks available following the readings. This is a free event, all welcome. 

This event is part of Mimosa House’s Public Programme for ‘A Silenced Victory: Tomaso Binga’, and is supported by Arts Council England.


Fiona Alison Duncan is a New York-based Canadian-American author, artist , and organiser. She is the organising host of Hard to Read, a lit social practice. Her first novel, Exquisite Mariposa, was published by Soft Skull Press in October 2019.

Reba Maybury is a writer, artist, lecturer and political dominatrix. Her first novella Dining with Humpty Dumpty was published in 2017. She teaches a program in subversive thinking at Central Saint Martins. She is represented by Arcadia Missa and has recently shown work and read at ICA (London), White Columns (NYC), Bridget Donahue (NYC), MOMA (Warsaw), and Luma Westbau (Zurich).

Huw Lemmey is a writer and author. He writes on culture, politics and sexuality, and is the author of Red Tory (2019) and Chubz (2014) published by Montez Press. He has written for Architectural ReviewGuardianTribuneArt MonthlyNew HumanistRhizome, and L’Uomo Vogue, amongst others.

Natasha Stagg is the author of Surveys (2016) and Sleeveless (2019), both published by Semiotext(e). She works as a writer and editor in New York. 

Eileen Myles is a poet and novelist whose twenty-one books include evolution (poems), Afterglow (a dog memoir), a 2017 re-issue of Cool for YouI Must Be Living Twice (new and selected poems) and Chelsea Girls

Pleasure Principles is an independent multi-medium platform tracking formations of desire and connection through archives, activism and identity politics.

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