How to date on Feeld


April 15th, 2023

Whether you’re new to the Feeld app or a long-time member of the community, these are the foolproof tips for getting the most out of your experience.

Dating on Feeld is all about being open-minded, curious and self-aware. How you approach and express your desires and your attitude towards other humans are key to having the most pleasurable experience(s) on Feeld. Working out what you want (and why you want it) lets you take ownership of your pleasure and discover new places for it to go.

Think about what (and who) you’re looking for

If you’re new to Feeld, take time to consider what you’re hoping to discover.  Are you interested in meeting couples or singles, finding lovers or friends—or all of the above? Would you like to date on your own or with a partner? Are you interested in consensual non-monogamy (CNM) or open to making a more exclusive connection? What are the things you definitely don’t want? Interrogating and understanding your desires a little better as you begin brings you closer to making the mind-blowing Connections you’re here for.

Create a great Feeld profile

Take the time to tell and show others who you are. Being open and genuine is the gateway to real intimacy, whether thrillingly fleeting or happily long-term. The Feeld community is geared towards specificity; make sure to add your Desires and Interests to your profile to give you the best chance of finding your humans. Whether you’re a kink lover or happily vanilla, the Feeld app accommodates both the most nuanced preferences and the curiously open-ended. There’s only one rule: don’t leave it blank. 

The same applies to photos. You don’t have to get a professional portrait; a candid selfie or a photo that shows your face is the best proven way to connect with others on Feeld faster. If you are feeling shy, you can use the Private Photos and Incognito Mode features with a Majestic membership.

What makes a good Feelder?

Good Feelders are communicative and not afraid to start the conversation (but graceful if their Connection is just not feeling it). They definitely know that an unsolicited naughty photo or an   is an unoriginal and anti-social opener, and that any non-consensual behavior is a no-go. They understand that desire is a two-way street and are conscious that other  humans might move at different speeds—and that’s okay. They understand that proactiveness ≠ pushiness. They know that consent is the baseline condition for intimate explorations with others, both on the Feeld app and beyond. 

How do I talk to my Connections?

The moment you make a Connection with somebody who truly excites you is both exhilarating and educational. What is it that made you feel drawn to their profile and their way of expressing themselves? What was it about yours that drew them to you?

You know you can do better than small talk. Perhaps you were intrigued by their tattoos, or their interest in contemporary cinema, or  the tree they were posing under, or simply by how their voice managed to shine through in three sentences. Be bold, but if in doubt, start slow and work up to the more exploratory, pleasure-focussed conversations you might want to be having. There’s no rush to the finish line. Each stage of getting to know someone is worth savoring.

Getting more (and the right) Connections 

Rather than waiting for Likes passively, the most fun way to date on Feeld is to actively engage with the community. Each Like is a potential adventure. Exploring your city or teleporting to other Cores is also a great way of learning more about how other open-minded humans approach dating and express themselves.

How to be successful on Feeld?

Being successful on Feeld doesn’t mean making the most Connections, getting the most responses, going on the most dates. Instead of keeping a tally, ask yourself: what is meaningful to you? What brings you pleasure? And what do you want to explore, with others and within yourself? By focusing on these questions  and letting go of the conventional metrics of ‘success’, you can fully enjoy every part of the process of dating on Feeld. 

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