What's the difference between Pings and Uplift?


February 25th, 2023

Feeld offers extra features that can help improve your experience and enable you to Connect with other humans. Here’s how Pings and Uplift can work for you.

While the core Feeld experience is free to all members, there’s always the option to refine your experience with our extra features. And recently we launched an exciting new one: Uplift. Like Pings, Uplift can increase your chances of making a Connection, but they work in different ways (and they work pretty well together too.) Here’s how.

What is Uplift?

Uplift works by showing your profile earlier in Discover, so you’re more visible to humans in your local area for a period of 24 hours. This means that within this 24-hour period your profile will be seen more frequently than it otherwise would, increasing your chance of making Connections. Other members won’t know that you’ve used this feature. Find out more about Uplift.

What are Pings?

Pings are a way to let another human know that you’re interested immediately; you can think of them like buying another member a virtual drink (or virtually winking across the bar). When you send a Ping, the recipient is notified there and then, and if they decide to accept your Ping then you can chat right away. Find out more about Pings.

How can Pings and Uplift work together?

Uplift is a more passive way to increase your chances of making a Connection – you can sit back and know that your profile is being seen by more humans, and see what happens. On the other hand, Pings are a more active way to increase your chances, as you have to make the specific decision to let a human know that you’re really interested in them.

These two different approaches to making Connections are definitely better than one. By proactively reaching out to the humans you find most intriguing, whilst also getting your profile seen by as many local members as possible, you’re covering all your bases – and increasing the chances of making higher quality Connections faster.

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