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May 26, 2021

What are pings?

How to use this stellar feature on Feeld

What are Pings?

You know how it is with app dating. Sometimes you notice someone so fabulous, you just want to give yourself the best chance you possibly can of catching their eye. Well, Pings are that. With a Feeld Ping, you can increase your chance of connecting with that someone by getting in front of them more visibly.  In fact, users have been shown to more than double their chances of making a Connection when they use a Ping.

How do they work? 

To use, you simply click on the orange Ping icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. This sends the human you’re interested in a notification, whereby your profile will appear on the top row of their Connections screen. If the human you pinged accepts your Ping, you'll connect with them and a chat will open. Pingo!   You’ll then be able to chat with this new Connection the same way you would with any other.

What’s the benefit?

Pings help communicate something more than a standard connection request. With a Ping you can be certain someone is particularly, especially interested in you (which is always flattering, isn’t it?). Of course you can always decline, and be declined – that is to be respected. It’s your prerogative to ignore a Ping if a human is not for you. But remember, you have more than doubled your chance of making a Connection when you opt to use a ping.

How do I get Pings?

Pings are free with a Majestic account, or you can buy them as a single or bundle for use with a standard account. A single ping starts at £1.99. So Ping someone and make their day today.

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