2 weeks ago

Senior Backend Engineer

As a Senior Backend Node.js Engineer you will use a modern JavaScript stack to build and maintain the API for world's biggest community of open-minded people.

And you absolutely love working remotely with other Feeld members(UK,Spain). You are guaranteed to stay on top of industry trends and tools, and to constantly cultivate your skill set.

You push code to production with no fear. You use latest node frameworks and libraries. You write discoverable and consistent APIs. You take pride in writing well-tested and readable code. You are our hero!


- JavaScript is your primary partner. 
- You have a thing for new technologies and knowledge. 
- Extensive experience with the modern web application stack. Node.js frameworks like Express. Persistence layers like MongoDB. 
- Familiarity with design patterns, data structures, and algorithms.


- You love and contribute to open source projects. 
- Familiarity with GraphQL. 
- Curious about React.


- Self-managed and flat organisation 
- Remote to the core (Coffee is on the house) 
- We have nothing to hide - Open Data, Salary, Equity. 
- Company retreats once a year

Ahh let's just jump on call so you see it for yourself. This started to feel like one of those dating scammy dating profiles.

FYI: Feeld is committed to hiring the kindest, smartest and most passionate human regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. However we are limited to EU & UK applicants only due to remote limitations.

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