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May 6, 2021

Feeld's Core Values

Learn more about the core values that guide everything we do at Feeld

At Feeld, we are creating a world where you can explore your desires without judgement and design your relationships. Everything we do, from our operations to the way we build our platform, is underpinned by our core values.  Internally and on the Feeld app, we’re always working to foster a culture that is human, fluid, safe, transparent and progressive.


We believe in treating everyone with consideration and understanding. Everyone who works at Feeld has the opportunity to design their work hours and take unlimited holiday and is encouraged to prioritise their wellbeing throughout the working day. Guided by the same principle, our app is designed with our members’ wellbeing and fulfilment at its centre. We believe in technology that helps humans lead a meaningful and authentic life, rather than hijacking their neurochemistry.

We also believe in communicating feelings and being empathetic towards others. From holding regular reflection meetings to offering Spill online therapy to all members, we believe in a work environment that respects the emotional life and natural rhythms that are part of human experience.


Fluidity defines Feeld’s attitude to work. On a day-to-day basis, this translates into a supportive working environment where team members are free to work how, where and when works best for them. We listen to the differing rhythms of how people like to structure their days and practice an asynchronous working dynamic that actively discourages ASAP culture and 24/7 availability. We also take an iterative approach to roles and responsibilities and are always trying to refine our processes and continuously experiment with new things.


Our focus on safety extends to everything we do, both internally and externally. We believe that building a product that is safe for our members is only possible by ensuring that Feeld is a safe workplace for everyone contributing to the app’s creation. In practice, this means we put an emphasis on protecting our members’ privacy and continuously work on keeping Feeld an inclusive and mutually respectful environment.

We believe in making room for honest conversations across the team and foster an environment in which our colleagues can tell us what they need to feel healthy, supported and inspired.


Feeld encourages all of its team members to be transparent with each other. This means being honest and open about how projects are progressing, honest and open about how team members are feeling about workflow and workload, and honest and open about blocks to progress as they crop up.

At Feeld, there is also full transparency around salaries and decision-making. Meetings are always publicly documented, calendars are open, and team leads foster an environment of two-way communication. We believe our best work happens when there is a feeling of mutual trust and respect between all team members.


We have always strove to be a progressive and forward-looking company, both in terms of our platform and the workplace. We embrace change, innovation and challenges to convention, from leading the conversation around dating, sexuality and relationships to experimenting with our organisational design and operations. We are a female-led company and have always been committed to make Feeld a space where everyone, of any gender, sexual identity, religion or ethnicity, can feel seen, included and valued.

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