Why women need more control over dating apps

November 14, 2016

It’s no secret that women using dating apps put up with a lot that their male counterparts usually don’t have to deal with. Sexual harassment, unwarranted comments, and everyone’s “favorite” dick pics are par for the course with many dating apps. Changes in this space are definitely overdue. Here’s what dating apps need to do for the women who use them.


Women deserve to feel positive and in control about their experience on dating apps, no matter what they’re into or who they’re looking for. At Feeld, we also aim to make everyone’s experience a positive one. The content we produce on our blog and that we share on our Facebook page is written in an effort to not only normalize kink and threesomes, and also brings to light some of the hardships women and minority groups face in dating apps and society in general.


Having control of who you talk to and when is important. Though it seems like a no-brainer, in many of the first dating apps, this choice did not exist. Women were forced to deal with a barrage of unwanted messages from people they never chose to talk to. This makes it a super uninviting experience for women, which in turn reduces everyone’s chances of meeting up with someone they’re interested in.

On Feeld, women (and men) can vet potential dates by checking out their profiles—and if they don’t approve them, they won’t hear from them. Simple.


While this should be the first priority of all dating apps, it sometimes gets overlooked. By giving women more control over dating apps, you also increase their safety. The chances of experiencing online harassment from men is high for women. To decrease and hopefully eliminate the chances of sexual harassment, some apps give women the capability of determining who their profile is visible to. Which means, if you don’t trust or know someone, you don’t have to give them access to your profile.

At Feeld, we take your safety seriously:

If you don’t feel comfortable having a profile on your own (and/or you’ve already got two thirds of your threesome ready to go), you can set up a couple profile with someone else.

You have the option to go Incognito so your Facebook friends don’t see your activity.

Our verification process makes sure all users are 18+, real people, and aren’t abusive or aggressive online.

Before you get swiping, check out our guide on how to meet someone safely.

While the dating app world isn’t perfect, apps that promote empowerment, choice and safety for women are a step in the right direction. It’s time to make it better for women in the dating world—any sort of positive change is good for everyone involved.