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Experiences - Virtual

Am I a sub? with Kat Blaque

January 9th, 2024

9:00pm GMT


Kat Blaque joins us to talk about her experience as a sub and answer all your questions in this AMA style livestream.

Kat Blaque profile

Co-hosted by:Kat Blaque

This is a virtual event taking place on YouTube.

It can be hard to know if being a sub feels right for you. Whether you have small flickers of desire, or burning curiosity, you belong at this virtual Feeld Forum. In this safer, open space, YouTuber Kat Blaque will walk you through how to start as a sub, how to find and vet a dom, and much more. You’ll have time to ask questions and hear questions from fellow Feeld Members. 

Bring your questions for Kat, like...

  • How do I figure out if I'm a sub?
  • How do I find and vet a dom on Feeld? What are red/green flags to look out for?
  • I'm not sure where to really start.
  • What do collars mean?

Our co-host:

Kat Blaque is a Youtube veteran, starting her first YouTube channel in 2005. She’s been maintaining her largest channel since 2010 and she recently surpassed half a million subscribers.

Over the years, she’s made content about a myriad of issues, but she predominantly speaks from her own perspective; using her own experiences to contextualize some of the things she embodies that are commonly misunderstood.

She is a black, transgender, polyamorous, adoptee involved in several alternative lifestyles. She is passionate about discussing the impact of sexual violence and her own reclamation of self through her sex positivity journey that has led to her community organizing in the BDSM community of Los Angles, CA. Ultimately, she hopes to leave the world in a more understanding and empathetic place.

How to join:

  • RSVP on Eventbrite
  • Set a reminder on YouTube
  • Log on via the Youtube link provided
  • Subscribe to the Feeld Youtube channel and join the chat