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Nov 30, 2022

Curiosity Booth PDX

Visit our pop-up Curiosity Booth in Portland’s Pioneer Court Square to express your deepest romantic wants, needs, and curiosities without compromising your privacy.

2022-12-17 16:00
Event has passed
Pioneer Courthouse/SW 6th Ave SW 6th ave Portland, OR 97204 ↗

At Feeld, we believe that you should be free to explore your true interests, whatever they may be. Visit our pop-up Curiosity Booth to express your deepest romantic wants, needs, and curiosities without compromising your privacy.

The Experience

Visit our Feeld Guides in Pioneer Court Square from Thursday, December 15 through Saturday, December 17 to be led through The Curiosity Booth experience. There, you’ll be given thought prompts and questions to help you identify and explore your own curiosities and interests.

Then, you’ll enter The Curiosity Booth where you have one minute to speak your truth—this could mean sharing a story, question, or simply your time to verbally process a fantasy or curiosity you’ve been holding onto.

Plus... we may have some other tricks up our sleeves to show Portland that it’s cool to be vulnerable and honest about who you are and what you really want.

All Curiosity Booth confessions are fully anonymous. Participants will have the option to consent to being anonymously audio recorded, and a select number of submissions will be chosen for commentary and input from our panel of professionals during a virtual event later this year. Because no desire or curiosity is too unconventional to be explored!

Register for The Curiosity Booth to receive:

  • Exclusive updates, surprises, and details as we get closer to the event, including when the Curiosity Booth will be popped up
  • Details about our virtual event, Exploring Your Curiosities, on December 20th

We’re even giving away one free month of Feeld’s premium Majestic Membership to new app users who visit the Curiosity Booth any time between December 15-17.

Ready to tell all? Be sure to register for the event, click here download the app, and join our Portland group chat to connect with other humans in your city!

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