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Experiences - Virtual

Feeld Forum: Consent & creativity

April 16th, 2024

4:00pm EST


We all know that “no” means “no,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that consent is purely transactional. In this event, consent educator and intimacy coordinator Mia Schachter will help us gain a deeper understanding around what consent is, and how it can involve building a shared vision for the kinds of connection that we want to have in the future.

Co-hosted by:Mia Schachter

Our co-host

Mia Schachter (they/them) is a Consent Educator, Intimacy Coordinator for TV, Film, and Theater, a podcaster, artist, musician, and writer living in their hometown of Los Angeles. They teach classes to individuals, couples, and groups online. You can follow their work on Instagram @consent.wizardry.