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Jan 8, 2020

Feeld Social: January [London]

Feeld Social partners with kink-positive party, Crossbreed.

2020-01-22 18:30
Event has passed
Old Queen's Head, Islington ↗

For our January meet-up, Feeld Social has partnered with Crossbreed to bring you a workshop on consent and navigating play parties, led by professional dominant and kink-lifestyle coach, Master Peter.

Crossbreed is a record label and a party. ‘We believe in breaking down social constructs and stigmas. We welcome open minds and respect for others. We have no tolerance of prejudice or bigotry of any kind. Consent is not just a “word”, it is our right. Here, we are all equal, we welcome queerness, individuality, kink, sex positivity, love and kindness.’

– Kiwi, Crossbreed Founder.

Master Peter is a renowned educator, coaching individuals and couples on a range of topics, from impact play and power dynamics, to setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in hard BDSM scenes. He is also employed by kink and fetish events to manage play spaces and facilitate consensual play opportunities.

You will discover the language, tools and awareness required to safely and respectfully interact with others in kink and play party spaces. The workshop will explore the theme of consent, non-verbal indicators and healthy conversations around play activities.

The workshop will be followed by a Q&A session and a Feeld Social.

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