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Experiences - In Person

Feeld Social London

April 8th, 2024

7:00pm GMT

The Standard, Double Standard, London

If you love being on Feeld, you’ll love it here. Meet the humans you’ve connected with (and new ones!) at Feeld’s IRL social. In this safer and inclusive space, you can feel free to get curious, get chatty and maybe even get flirty.

Co-hosted by:Riot

Our co-host

Founded by two people that met on Feeld as a response to a lack of diversity, and an oversight of the appropriation of sex worker culture in kink spaces, Riot Party is the intersectional, inclusive and anti-slut shaming sex positive rave that centres and celebrates marginalised communities. Riot Party is a rebellion against the conventional, and celebrates all bodies, genders and sexualities.

Musically multi-genre with predominately QTIPOC DJ lineups, and performers with lived experience of sex work; RP platforms artists and communities that have traditionally been excluded from kinky nightlife and beyond. Riot Party aims to foster community within queer nightlife, creating safe(r) spaces for people to explore their sexuality, make friends, and have fun within non-judgmental environments.