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Apr 5, 2020

Feeld Talks – Cyber Sex and Self Isolation

How to get on (and off) during the Covid19 crisis

2020-04-09 21:00
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Thursday 9th April at 21:00 BST

Join us for our first fully digital Feeld Talks with sex-positive leaders from across the globe who will share their experiences of lockdown and suggestions on how to stay safe and sexy while at home.

Feeld Talks to:

Erika Lust – Barcelona, Spain

Erika Lust is a filmmaker creating sex-positive, indie adult cinema that prioritises female pleasure, sexually intelligent narratives, relatable characters and realistic hot sex. Her XConfessions project turns the public’s anonymous sexual fantasies into explicit and artistic short films. 

Erika Lust

Rain Dove – London, UK

Rain Dove is a model, actor and activist working to change the narratives around gender stereotypes.

Rain Dove

Lorrae Jo Bradbury – New York, US

Founder of Slutty Girl Problems, Lorrae Bradbury is a sex, love, and empowerment coach whose sex-positive work helps womxn overcome shame and navigate kink, poly, and queer identities. 

Lorrae Jo Bradbury

Frida Affer – Milan, Italy

Frida is the founder of Milan-based erotically-themed concept store, WOVO Store. A former stylist, Affer’s retail experience promotes female empowerment and progressiveness.

Frida Affer

Daniel Saynt – West Indies

Founder of New York’s NSFW (New Society For Wellness), Daniel’s mission is to facilitate safe, judgement-free spaces for sexual exploration and the practice of enthusiastic consent.

Daniel Saynt

Wednesday Martin – New York, US

Wednesday Martin is an American author and cultural critic who writes and serves as a commentator on topics like parenting, step-parenting, female sexuality, motherhood, and popular culture. 

In her latest non-fiction Untrue. She explores why nearly everything we believe about women, lust, and adultery is wrong and how the new science can set us free.

Wednesday Martin

Sara Sense – Hong Kong

Sara Sense is a sex coach, educator and sexologist based in Hong Kong. She is also the creator and host of the Better in Bed podcast.

Sara Sense

Bryony Cole – Melbourne, Australia

As the world’s leading authority on sextech, Bryony Cole is fascinated by the way technology permeates every corner of our lives, even the most intimate ones. 

Since launching the top-rated podcast Future of Sex, Bryony has been on stages across the world forecasting trends in the sextech industry for governments, tech titans and entertainment companies.

Bryony Cole

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