Jun 28, 2020

Feeld Talks - Dating and Diversity

This month’s edition of Feeld Talks explores the topic of racial discrimination in the online dating world and ways to eradicate it.

2020-07-02 21:00
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Black and POC sex positive community leaders share their ambivalent experiences with dating apps and offer informed suggestions for creating safer and inclusive online spaces.

This was an unfiltered conversation, with a focus on the practical steps that Feeld and the Feeld community can take to actively tackle racism and discrimination.

Our contributors

Venus Cuffs - BDSM educator, fetish trainer, nightlife personality and nightlife promoter. This “Nightlife Mogul” (Paper magazine 2019) has taken BDSM/sex positive spaces and transformed them in NYC. Her events/classes are consent driven and welcoming to all. 

Venus Cuffs

Sippin' T - Co-founder of the queer Black, Art & DJ collective BBZ.

A born 'n' bred South Londoner their sound encapsulates all facets of black house music, from its origins, to its new evolutions.

Sippin T

Chaneè Jackson Kendall & Cherí Calico Roman - Co-Founders of Black Poly Pride & The Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance, an organisation devoted to normalising Black polyamory. Together they create safe spaces where polyamorous education and activism coupled with community allow love, freedom & unapologetic blackness to flourish and thrive.

Kenny Ethan Jones - Model, entrepreneur and trans-activist focusing on menstruation, body politics, mental health and intimacy.

Kenny Ethan Jones

Feeld Talks will be moderated by Aisha Mirza.

Aisha is a writer, trauma-informed counsellor, DJ and founder of Misery Party, a mental health collective and sober club night for QTIBPOC. 

Aisha Mirza

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