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Feeld X Reunion

May 25th, 2024

7:00pm AEDT

The Vanguard, Sydney

Brought to you by Recidivist Events, enter a realm of salacious experimentation to delve into your darkest fantasies.

Co-hosted by:Recidivist World

Psyche-inspiring performance art and electric, underground stage shows will be backed by dark, Industrial Goth beats to get your pulse rising.

Slip into something sleek and join us at The Vanguard in Newtown for a night of rubbery revelry at our "Stay Slippery" latex party! Embrace the slick sensation of latex as we bring you an evening filled with tantalising textures and elastic excitement. From 7pm to 1am, get ready to rubber up, stretch your imagination and slide into a world of elastic encounters.

Prepare to slither through the crowd, letting the beats wrap around you like a snug rubber suit, with industrial goth and dark dance music setting the rhythm for a night of bouncing and boogying. Explore our play area where you can stretch your limits on the X-frame, bounce to new heights on the spanking bench, or get tied up in knots at the Shibari point. Need a moment to decompress, have a pre-play consent chat, or just have a good stretch? Slip away to our quiet zone at the top of the venue, where you can unwind and bounce back into the action whenever you're ready.

Get ready for a night of rubbery delights at "Stay Slippery" – where the only thing tighter than our latex is the bond between your fellow kinksters. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on performers, DJs, outfit inspiration, and our Best Dressed Prize and sign up for exclusive information, direct to your Inbox, at

Our co-host

Recidivst World is dedicated to producing and platforming Sydney’s most innovative underground creatives for alternative audiences. They believe that great ideas grow from experimentation, and want to help creative minds to experiment and innovate. At Recidivist Events, we platform the rule-breakers – the rebels – the revolutionaries.