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Feb 1, 2023

Men Exploring Sexuality: Bisexuality, Pansexuality, and Heteroflexibility

Feeld Forum is a virtual event series that gives Feeld members the opportunity to ask our host questions covering a range of topics that are important to our community.

2023-02-16 16:00
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Vaneet Mehta (He/Him) is an Indian bisexual man born and raised in Southall, West London. He is a software engineer, writer and public speaker and the founder of #BisexualMenExist, which went viral in 2020. He has appeared on numerous panels and delivered talks to various companies. He has written for Men's Health, Stonewall, GMFA, Metro UK, OutLife and Unicorn Magazine and his work has been published in The Bi-ble: New Testimonials, The Ampersand Project and The Sex Agenda. He has just released his first book, "Bisexual Men Exist".

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