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The latest on the Feeld update


December 7th, 2023

Everyone at Feeld is focused on one thing—getting you back to enjoying Feeld to the fullest.

Since our app update on Friday, we’ve been listening to your invaluable feedback, and understand your concerns about some of the changes, technical issues, and our responses. We know that some of you missed out on Feeld dates, Connections and experiences, and we are working on meaningful ways to make this right. We know we did not live up to your expectations. And for that we are truly sorry. 

There are a few key issues that we’re happy to say have been addressed and resolved—Locations on profiles (with more updates on this feature forthcoming), Majestic purchases, access to profiles, correct age display, and more. Our top priority remains restoring service to any area of Feeld that is not operating at full capacity, but an equally important priority is how we can make amends. 

To start, anyone with an existing Majestic membership has had their daily Ping restored, and has been gifted an additional 10 Pings to their account, as a token of our appreciation. We wouldn’t be here without you and are immensely grateful for your support.

As you might expect, our customer service team is experiencing high volumes of inquiries at the moment, but please know that we are looking at every message and appreciate your continued patience. We are committed to reviewing and responding to all your questions. Anything submitted to [email protected] will be addressed and resolved as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, a gentle reminder to update your app as we continue to push updates more regularly than usual with ongoing fixes and improvements.

We also have to say: even in challenging times like these, Feeld community members are the best people we know. We have seen so many incredibly honest, patient, and compassionate messages from our community. We’ve also seen so many hilarious (and well-deserved) jokes and memes about this situation that honestly keep us going as we work tirelessly to deliver the best Feeld experience possible. 

We remain endlessly grateful that you’re sticking with us, especially in the manner that demonstrates all the qualities—care, humor, acceptance, and kinkiness—that brought you to Feeld in the first place. 

Thank you from everyone at Feeld. 

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