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djenneba drammeh

Whether you’re setting intentions or going full delulu, there are many ways to approach dating in 2024—and, just like every year, there are as many ways forward as there are stars in the sky.

We’re very lucky to have these exclusive horoscopes written by astrologer djenneba drammeh, with some sage advice and readings for every sign in our Feeld community. Find out which sign will experience the (gently) mortifying experience of being known, which sign will fall in love with their friends again (and again), and which sign will be humbled (with love).


Last year, the Aries cohort was more likely to be heteroflexible and genderfluid, and spent more time looking for BDSM and Singles. This year…perhaps a bit of exhibitionism in the wild?

Aries, the erotic shimmies and shakes more than you’re used to in 2024. Think you know everything you need to know about embodiment? Prepare to be humbled (with love). 

This year ushers in a radical reexamination of Aries’ relationship to pleasure, the kind found with self and others of all types. How do you define community: how much of it is people and how much of it is space? Consider spreading yourself across both like honey and seeing which parts of you sink in. 

Keywords: nature’s erotic; radical embodiment; autonomy


Last year on Feeld, Taurus skewed straight and was the most likely sign to identify as female, ranking high for seeking sensual, singles, being submissive, and being dominant. 2024 cranks up the sub heat.

The Taurus pleasure center is intentional, discerning, and sometimes lulled into false starts. The colors of 2024 take on hot subspace tinges, as the erotic winds a deep and twisty tale through the tunnels of the Taurus heart and psyche—suddenly, a desire to go as deep as humanly possible. This carnal energy roars to life in the dark, celebrating the vulnerable, the slutty, the sweet, the heavy. Who around you deserves such privilege and pleasure? As always, you first.

Keywords: subspace; excavation; invite only


Last year on Feeld, Gemini was all about being dominant and getting to know potential players and partners through texting and dates. This year, the (gently) mortifying ordeal of being known rears its head.

2024 dares Gemini to be seen and brings about the will, and necessity, to really go there. Main character syndrome is warranted, with all the revelations to come about how you sit with, dress, and celebrate your body.

The erotic shows up in allowing yourself to be witnessed in full even, and especially, when fullness looks like a clumsy stumble to the divine. It’s okay to fall in love with yourself in public—maybe that looks like a sprawling tattoo of the greatest epic you know across your form. Maybe it’s a style epiphany in motion. Your devotion, your business. But the allure it magics is undeniable.

Keywords: cultural reset; back to body; main character


On Feeld last year, Cancer was the sign most likely to be bisexual, with a sizable penchant for 420 and the other finer things in life (art, music, wine, gaming). This year, a little more of the same, but in different places, with new prompts.

For Cancer, so much of 2024 feels like contracting to expand. Not everyone can keep up with you; you won’t always be able to keep up with yourself. The erotic shows up in exploration and excavation with all the kindness you can muster while wielding that hammer and shovel. 

The body wants to feel the wind from a new direction, touch new soil, sunbathe in an unfamiliar heat. How far can you go before you land back at center? What’s your preferred method of travel? Which route will see you grow? Bonus points for figuring out how to get there without your feet leaving the ground.

Keywords: transcendence; travel bug; restless spirit


Young Leo babes (18-25) showed out on Feeld in droves last year, with an eye out for BDSM and being Dominant. This year, a gentle glide toward more supporting roles.

2024 brings Leo’s attention to the trials and comforts of the nest and far beyond. If access to erotic energy has felt tied to visibility over the past year, this year sees a dramatic shift toward cozier communal spaces intent to hold space with you. The bar is raised: desire renews its subscription through intentional connection and supportive dynamics, not mere sightline access and distant veneration.

With a new sense of discernment reigning supreme, sensuality makes a case for itself in the details. What will you give yourself a chance to be picky about? What are you going to do to get it?

Keywords: contracted access; return to cozy; clarity of presence


Last year on Feeld, Virgos were bicurious leaning and most likely to identify as non-binary, spending their time online seeking poly and FWB arrangements. Whatever the dynamic, this year is defined by intimate intensity.

Single or partnered, monogamous or poly, 2024 pulls Virgo deep into the crevices of the soul while prompting, if not demanding, a new contextualization of desires outside of the self. The erotic requires some burrowing and the urge to tunnel into another is striking, but this is a game for single and multi-players alike. Dealer’s choice. The trick to winning? Dig deep to look out from.

Renegotiating relationships may free up or uncover new strains of desire that were previously swept away. It’s never too late to remind yourself why you came, why you’re still here, and how you want to stay.

Keywords: looking out; dig deep; breaking the fun mirrors


Libra kept things light on Feeld last year, with an eye for fun, FWB, dates, and casual. This year, the energy ramps up a bit, parallel to some serious soul searching.

2024 continues Libra’s journey in considering the personal costs of pleasure pursuits. The subspace calling your name requires intention and the erotic, this year at least, demands some boundaries. Does connection with you come with a price? Does it come with a promise?

Usefulness can be erotic, but all the better when it’s complicated. Reorienting your relationship to service, directing it to places that provide mutual fulfillment—the high of reciprocation or the shimmering warmth of doing good—generates new capacity for feeling

Keywords: expanded horizons; barrier to entry; reconsidering service


Over-representing the 18-25 cohort, Scorpios spent their time on Feeld last year looking for sensual time, kink, and being submissive. This year, in classic fashion, Scorpio takes it even deeper.

The freaky nasty clichés Scorpios are tired of hearing about (or maybe not) burst with new life in 2024, a year defined by dancing in the shadows. Revelation around partnership leads to suspension; dark, twisty containers; and, probably, a lot of filthy sex. This year provides a foundation to severe intimacy, the kind that lives under a hermetic seal. When the world falls away—and it will—what’s left in the dark is you, your shared muck, and the invited guests ever so lucky to hold it with you. 

Keywords: freaky containers; suspension; hardcore intimacy


Last year on Feeld, Sagittarius represented the gender-fluid and pansexual communities in their droves and took the reins as the sign most likely to be looking for friendship, while indulging foreplay and dates. This year, joy kisses gentle and melts into a dynamic duo.

2024 sees Sagittarius stumble into the erotic with vulnerability once forgotten: the awkwardness of attempting to see yourself through another’s eyes. Renewed hunger for embodiment collides with revelation around labor and care, which can lead to some uncomfortable conversations, pivots, and overhauls, but immense growth. It’s an itchy year, serrated at the edges, but girded by grace even when performance appears to lack it. It’s okay to be seen trying and feel like you missed the assignment. This year, the erotic thrives in your penchant for the rejection of the status quo. 

Keywords: vulnerability; awkward with an audience; grace


Capricorn was the sign most likely showing up as heteroflexible on Feeld last year, with a healthy dose of bicuriosity for good measure, heavily seeking threeways, groups, and couples. This year, desires might contract a bit, but not for the worse.

What will you do with all the grace you’ve built up alongside your body and spirit? Where does that grace go when the landscape you’ve studied falls away from you? There you are, still. Treading ground, treading air. 

2024 pulls ease away from the erotic and asks you to show your work. What have you learned? What have you crafted for yourself? Who is invited into your sanctuary?

Keywords: sanctuary; applying lessons; new terrain


Last year, Aquarius was the top bisexual sign on Feeld and spent their time looking for groups, kink, threesomes, and couples. This year, sex and social spheres are ever expanding.

The erotic gets distracted and reconstituted by social honor, debt, and restoration: what do we owe each other and what are we willing to give? In 2024, Aquarius’s sense of desire gets pulled into communal spaces and proximal worlds, making it cool to fall in love with your friends again (and again). There’s a primal energy that bursts forth when the people who love and—perhaps most importantly—like each other the most, choose to fill each other's cup. 

Sometimes there isn’t enough to go around, and that’s okay. Just know that recharging might involve more players than you’re used to!

Keywords: social butterfly but the wings are made of flames


Last year, Pisces was third most likely sign to be bicurious on Feeld, while setting their sights on being dominant and watching. This year, taking a backseat to witness still feels pretty good.

In 2024, the erotic shows up in a remapping of the soul. The necessity to recommit to selfhood and inner worlds is inescapable, but partners can play too, if they’re careful enough. This year reminds you that you are the protagonist, writer, and director of your own story—and that remembering might look like revoking some titles around you. At once a retreat and celebration of selfhood, 2024 asks you to play with how low you can lay while still showing up with authentic presence.

Desire’s palpable weight needs space to incubate before it can burgeon in the body. But to be clear: it can, in fact, blossom in the dark.

Keywords: container, not pressure cooker; mapping the soul; shared refuge

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