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Feeld Flips the Script on Relationships, Introduces “Constellation” of Multi-Partner Profile Linking as Newest App Feature

The dating app for the curious embraces boundaryless relationships as it debuts new Constellation feature

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June 20th, 2024

    Today, Feeld - the dating app for the curious - announces the global launch of its newest relationship-reenvisioning feature, Constellation. With this addition, Feeld’s community Members can link their profiles with up to 5 other partners, choosing from an array of 20+ options to describe their multidimensional relationships. From primary partners to metamours*, Constellation celebrates the many ways you can feel about a person, and the many persons you can feel some ways about. As Feeld’s Members evolve, so does its platform, recognizing that the evolving cultural scripts around gender, sexuality, and relationships require new dating infrastructures.

    In 2017, Feeld launched the Paired Partner feature, becoming one of the first digital spaces where Members could join with their partner. Since then, the app has seen a staggering 966% growth in Members who express polyamory or ethical non-monogamy as a desire. These insights, along with popular demand from existing Members, fueled the inspiration for Constellation as the latest way in which Feeld Members can provide more transparency into their relationships and desires. By giving Members the choice and freedom of linking their profile with multiple partners in multiple capacities, Feeld is directly challenging the traditional relationship framework for those who previously felt unseen living their lives in their way. The new Constellation feature creates a more welcoming world where people are encouraged to embrace their relationships openly and with the flexibility they deserve.

    “Having the option to add more than one partner to your profile is a natural iteration for Feeld,” shares Feeld CEO, Ana Kirova. “We’ve been saying since we first started Feeld that monogamy is only an option, not a relationship default. Our Members have long been pioneering nuanced and dimensional ways of connecting. I’m excited that we’re now able to empower Members even further with the launch of Constellation by providing them with the tools to communicate the spectrum of their relationships with others.”

    Not flattened to just romantic connections, Feeld Members can use this evolving feature to sculpt an online representation of the people closest to them, who give their IRL world dimension. As of June 2024, Members can select up to five people and identify them as Partner, Lover, Dating, Married, Engaged, Friend, Friend with benefits, Play partner, Primary partner, Secondary partner, Nesting partner, Dom, Domme, Sub, Switch, Metamour, Queerplatonic partner and (No label). While this amount of information and contextualization could take hours of explaining on a first date, it’s now digestible in seconds at the first glance of a profile.

    Constellations is for all Members on Feeld, whether they are paying subscribers or use Feeld for free.

    *Metamour (noun): Your partner’s partner. You both have romantic or sexual relationships with the same person—separately.

    About Feeld

    Feeld is the dating app for the curious; those open to experiencing people and relationships in new ways. Founded in 2014 by Ana Kirova and Dimo Trifonov after questioning the status quo of their own relationship, they were inspired to challenge cultural scripts around gender, sexuality, and dating on a global scale. Feeld’s ever-evolving platform creates a safer space online and IRL for people to explore their curiosities outside of existing blueprints and find meaningful human connections of all kinds. Feeld has led with a progressive mindset since its inception, pioneering a remote-first work model with a globally distributed team and a baseline salary of £60,000/year. With over 20 sexuality and gender options in-app and growing, Feeld is a space for the experiences that make us feel alive and most intimately connected to ourselves and others. Learn more at

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