Stay safe

Inside Feeld 

Feeld is a space where people get excited and impatient about meeting each other. Trust us, we know how it feels. Even so, always be mindful when you share personal details such as your real name, phone number, address or any other information that leads others to you and your personal life. In particular, we recommend you do not follow any payment requests from other members, in case they are attempts at identity theft, financial fraud or similar situations. Feeld will never ask you for your password or other personal information.

Beyond Feeld

Meeting someone from Feeld is, for some, arguably the best part. Before meeting, we strongly recommend that you make sure the people have had themselves tested and can display results for a clean bill of health, or at least adequately and effectively protect you in a mutually acceptable way. Same counts for you — we love connecting our bodies, but health comes first, and we need to ensure that we can have the best experiences possible with each other.


No matter how much we check and work to minimise the impact of fake users, there are always some who manage to slip through. If you like Feeld, we ask you to help everyone by always reporting users with whom you have had negative experiences, ones who you believe are fake, or ones who clearly do not fit in our open-minded community. The more active help we get from dedicated members, the more we learn how we can protect our space.

Be careful

We ask members of our community to be mindful of the following situations: If a user is giving you links to sites where you have to pay.If someone is asking you to make a payment, even if they promise a return later.If someone is immediately trying to move away to a different platform.If the user disappears and then appears again under a different name.In general, when someone is linking you to other sites. There could be a virus, information theft, or other data abuse at work, so stay aware!