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At Feeld we prioritise open-mindedness, inclusion, diversity and kindness. Our product brings together geographically and sexually diverse humans, which is reflected in our organisation.

We believe in a cohesive working environment that gives each team member the opportunity to grow and play an active part in fulfilling our mission.

Our Values

We believe in creating an inclusive environment for honest expression and safe exploration.


We strive for complete openness of information within the organisation. We are always honest with our members as well as with each other.


We design our organisation and products in a way that enables people to live a calm and meaningful life.


We always consider how our work and decisions impact other humans and the environment.


With over 30 team members working across 10 ten cities around the world, we are a fluid organisation that enables each person to work where and when helps them to do their best work.


We always push ourselves to experiment and evolve, whether it comes to design, writing or code. We never stop trying to rethink normal.

What we provide

  • flexible working hours
  • unlimited holidays
  • fully remote
  • bi-annual retreats
  • equity options
  • expense account
  • training budget
  • friendly humans
  • laptop and home office equipment
  • transparency: open data, open salaries, open equity
  • access to the Feeld flat in Porto, Portugal
  • on demand therapy sessions and mental health support via Spill

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