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Jul 1, 2019

Feeld Community: Black Poly Pride 2019

A weekend conference and party, providing the Black & Poly Community with a space 'to celebrate their lovestyles and blackness' supported by Feeld.

2019-07-11 18:00
Event has passed
The Element Marriot Hotel. Dallas, Texas. ↗

Black Poly Pride is a weekend of community building curated for and by black polyamorous people.

The Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance was founded by Chanee Jackson Kendall and Cheri Calico Roman who hosted the inaugural Black Poly Pride instalment, in collaboration with local partners Young Black & Poly, Coffee & Heauxs, and DFW PolyAm and Black.

Feeld supported the launch of Black Poly Pride as a platform for the underrepresented voices in the non-monogamous community, which aims to prioritise and raise awareness of the experience of black and poly folk.

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