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Feeld is constantly looking for passionate humans capable of changing society through words, code, ideas, design.

Senior Backend Engineer

Feeld is a space where humans ( whether in relationship or not ) can explore their sexuality in a space free from social pressure and preconceptions. Our iOS and Android apps enable you to discover and connect with other like-minded, curious people. 

We are a design-centric company which values aesthetics as much as usability of our products. The Feeld team is comprised of 15 people who are distributed around the globe. We work from wherever our minds and bodies find comfortable. We believe in openness and transparency, embrace self-management and have flexible vacation policy.


* Are involved in the whole process —  from imagining to bringing ideas to life.

* Talk to our customers to understand their pains and satisfaction. ( We do have a dedicated customer happiness hero, however we believe that it is beneficial for everyone to experience it first hand. )

* Appreciate beautiful design as much as solid architecture.

* Have a passion for pushing our organisation forward in unconventional ways.

* Are curious of new technologies.


* Like to have some coffee when working on a script.

* Write code that stands the test.

* Have your emotions as well as source well under control.

* Can be relied on with your Promises.

* Look with hope towards theFuture.

* Think of more than just a spicy meal when someone says curry.

* Don't dismiss higher-order  as some sort of conspiracy.

* Know how to apply yourself (at least partially) and when to do the same with a schema.

You get:

* Freedom to create.

* A self-managed organisation where the manager is not the limit.

* To change society's norms.

* Full transparency, open salary, open equity.

* Zero two-faced humans. We believe in honesty and openness.

* No imposed company culture. We accept people for who they are.

* The world as your office space. We don't care where you work from as long as the job is done.