Feeld is constantly looking for passionate humans capable of changing society through words, code, ideas, design.

Community & Partnerships

Feeld is constantly looking for passionate humans capable of changing society through relationships, words, ideas. We believe in openness and transparency, embrace self-management and have a flexible vacation policy. 

We're searching for our first community and partnerships hire to join our marketing team. Our plans are to engage the curious class around the world. To do this we need an open minded human who can help spread the word. In this role you will form a network of relationships on a city-wide level (London, NYC, LA, SF). You'll collaborate with this network to attract new users to Feeld and solidify Feeld's brand. 


* Are open to all ideas and thought 
* Talk to our users to understand their pains and satisfaction.
* Have a passion for pushing our organisation forward in unconventional ways.
* Are curious of new ways to engage our community and like minded people


* Effectively engage through social media
* Form lasting relationships quickly and often
* Find creative ways to collaborate with multiple partners ;)
* Love organizing events and bringing people together
* Have a network of like minded individuals and organisations
* Thrive in a state of autonomy
* Look with hope towards the Future

You get:

* Freedom to create, engage and inspire
* A self-managed organisation where the manager is not the limit.
* To change society's norms.
* Full transparency, open salary, open equity.
* Zero two-faced humans. We believe in honesty and openness.
* No imposed company culture. We accept people for who they are.
* The world as your office space. We don't care where you work from as long as the job is done.


* Identify and outreach for local sponsorship/ad partners (in-app ads)
* Identify and outreach for local event sponsorship/partners
* Organize Feeld events
* Identify and develop relationships with local influencers