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How to get the most out of Majestic


October 14th, 2022

How does our paid-for membership option – Majestic Membership – enhance the Feeld experience? We take a look at some of the ways it works.

Feeld is free to download and use, because everybody should be able to participate in a welcoming and open community of exploration; the key features that let you date (such as chat and Connections) are available to all. But for members who wish to enhance their experience and support the development of Feeld, there is a paid option too – Majestic Membership – which comes with some exciting extra features. But how can these features help you on your Feeld journey? Here are some examples of how Majestic Membership can help you refine your dating experience.

Widen your pool by seeing who Liked you

Being able to see who Liked you can make the whole process altogether more efficient. Waiting to see who Likes you back can be exciting, but if you are keen to make matches quickly, being able to see who has Liked you first makes the experience more streamlined.

While obviously this efficiency is great in its own right, a side effect is that it can also help widen your dating pool, as you’re not limited by the settings you have chosen (dealbreakers aside). For example, what if your geographical radius has been set to the surrounding 20km, but someone beyond this who seems great has Liked you? It could be that you’re willing to travel that little bit extra for them. We also can be surprised by our own desires. Someone might Like you who you wouldn’t normally consider, but knowing they Like you back might give you the impetus to take a chance. It gives you the potential to move outside of your habitual zones – geographically and otherwise.

Keeping it discreet  

If you’re feeling a little shy, switching on Incognito mode can provide you with an extra sense of privacy, by giving you more control over who sees your profile. Even those of us who feel most comfortable with ourselves don’t always feel ready to bump into a cousin or a colleague on there and let them see that we’re, hypothetically, polyamorous and into kink (to be fair, they might not wish to know either). Everyone moves at their own pace, after all. There’s also the option to add photos which are only visible to your Connections, if you’re feeling extra shy.

Are they actively dating?

Sometimes life gets in the way and members might not be using Feeld very actively. This is where the Last Seen feature comes into its own; you can see when another human was last online, whether it was an hour ago or a month ago. This can help you filter out users who are perhaps taking a break, or who aren’t using the app very often. But remember that nobody is entitled to give you their time – this feature is definitely not an excuse to check up on your potential dates, or pester anyone that’s not getting back to you. It may, however, reassure you that long gaps before responses are not (always) because of your terrible chat-up lines.

Using filters

On a similar note to the previous point, you can filter to show members who were only online in the last seven days, so you don’t get momentarily besotted with a human who isn’t really using Feeld at the moment. You can also filter by Desires if you’re only interested in searching for something specific – perfect for when you’re really looking to explore something in particular.

One free Ping a day

If you like someone and want them to know immediately, a Ping is the way to go – it notifies another human of your interest immediately, so they can check out your profile and see whether the feeling is mutual. You can buy these in bundles, but with Majestic Membership you get one complementary Ping a day, increasing your chances of making Connections.

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