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November 22nd, 2023

Chart your own course while finding your people: a collection of data that tells a story about Feeld.

In a world in flux, do you fight change or flow with it? On Feeld, the latter seems to be a way of life: across gender, sexuality, age, and location. The people in this space aren’t just enduring change, they’re running towards it, searching for it, and finding people willing to do the same. 

It’s not just in stories. Change runs through data. One of the many things we have in common with our community is that we find that just as interesting as you do. Perhaps because data is compelling for the same reason that astrology is: it’s a mirror reflecting back a self that can be seen by more than the physical eye. Below you’ll find some of the points that, to us, seem to tell a story that’s both ours and all yours.

In their first year on Feeld, 181,103 people changed their sexuality.

Over time, straight can curve

In their first year on Feeld, 181,103 people changed their sexuality. It follows that the longer Feeld members are on the app, the less heterosexual they get. In exploring the expansive bounds of their own desires, sexuality and preference fields get updated, with half of Feeld members identifying as something other than heterosexual.

Illustration of sexualities and genders in the Feeld

Change happens, and happens, and happens

While labels are helpful, they’re not defining. Over half of Feeld members who identify as heterosexual connect with people who don’t. Surprised? In traditional apps, this type of exploration is rarely celebrated. It begs the question: why does this happen on Feeld?

Perhaps the answer lies within our community. 1 in 2 people on Feeld have a kink, and within their first year of using Feeld, people became 58% more curious about GGG (the iconic criteria popularized by Dan Savage, meaning a partner was good, giving, and game). In a space that encourages curiosity, Feeld members feel safe to ask a question and open enough to receive an answer. No wonder people change how they identify themselves at least once over their course of time on Feeld.    

All desires, all at once

Feeld members like to cuddle, and they like BDSM. Here, the search for platonic friendships and friends with benefits run alongside each other. And why not? Desire for so many different things is tangled up within each one of us. To tease them out, all at once, and revel in them, is to feel the very joy of existence. 

The question now is: do you feel curious?

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