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Oct 28, 2020

How to date during social distancing

From profile tips to virtual foreplay, we've got you covered.

Dating during social distancing has made the challenges of communicating and connecting online more pressing than ever. While there is no one right way to do things, our Feeld Guide is here to help you connect with other humans beyond just swiping.


Our new project FOR PLAY is an interactive sensory platform where you can ’touch‘ and play with strangers without hand sanitiser. Conceived as a form of foreplay before connecting with someone on Feeld, FOR PLAY allows visitors to digitally touch, tease and flirt with other live participants. Using your camera feed which is distorted on both ends of the server upload, FOR PLAY assigns your avatar to a digital room where you can play with up to four other participants. To get a feel for someone before connecting on the Feeld app, try FOR PLAY.

Try virtual foreplay on

Present yourself right

Once you are on the Feeld app, you have to take care of the basics. There are no shortcuts to getting to know someone but there are proven ways to make your profile be a true reflection of you, which would get you closer to finding your people.

Add real photos

Our research shows that humans with more than 6 photos make the most Connections on Feeld. Real photos mean real people. Use your own photos and, if you are comfortable with that, let your face be visible. If you’re shy or not feeling ready yet, choose a shot that obscures your face but still gives an impression of your sensibility and personality. Photos that showcase your personal interests can help you connect with precisely the humans you’re here for.

About you

It could be daunting to know what to add to your About section but this is where your profile comes to life. Give context to your photos or share more about your Interest and Desires. Feeld members tend to be very direct, so don't hold back. Whether you are just dipping your toes or come with experience, there is no wrong way to approach your bio other than leaving it blank.

Interest and Desires

On Feeld, humans with at least two desire tags are likelier to make more Connections. Be open and specific, and don't be afraid to name what you're into or curious about, whether on the streets or in the sheets. Let yourself be found.

Search in the right places

Don't be afraid to play around with your search settings. You can not only adjust the basics like distance and age range but also select from 25 gender identity options. Another crucial feature in search setting is the Feeld core you select. From physical locations like London, NYC, Paris, Toronto and many others to virtual cores like Staying at Home, Remote Trios and Fantasy Bunker, you can explore as far and wide as your curiosity takes you. Don't be afraid of switching cores and connecting with humans from all over the globe.

Join a virtual core

For dating in the era of social distancing, one of the best ways to connect with humans despite restrictions is to join one of Feeld's virtual cores. If you enjoyed digital foreplay and are curious to meet some of the humans from the FOR PLAY space, join our dedicated FOR PLAY core, for connecting with humans who you might've already played with.

In any of the virtual cores, you can use the app normally and Like, Dislike or move away from profiles you encounter. Don't hesitate to mention where you're currently based in the About section of your profile. It could be a conversation starter.

Experience what you really desire

Join Feeld and start connecting with open-minded couples and singles today.

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