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How to create the perfect Feeld profile


November 2nd, 2023

For when a 'hi' and a belfie won't cut it...

It’s the eternal question - just how DO you create an amazing profile on Feeld? You know, the kind that will convey all of your authenticity, originality and down-right sex appeal?

Take it seriously 

A good profile requires effort. We know it’s common for lots of daters not to bother filling in their profiles but at Feeld we take pride in the fact our users really do work harder to showcase themselves and capture the attention of others, and that it pays off - we’ve measured that members that follow the advice in this article about pics, words, and labels receive 50 per cent more chance of making a connection than those that don’t. So be prepared to write about yourself - and don’t undersell yourself. Be honest about your interests and turn-ons - the community will love you for it. And select some brilliant, personality-capturing photos! 

What about pictures?

Let’s talk about pictures. The most important thing is that you use pictures of you, and show your face. There’s some pretty basic psychology involved in people connecting to other people, and if you don’t start with a face pic (it helps if you take your sunglasses off!) it may also lead people to suspect you’re hiding something or not really serious about connecting. If you’re shy, you could always choose a shot from behind. From Feeld’s own research, we’ve found that profiles that upload at least three pics perform best. But be warned - accounts that don’t have personal photos attract significantly fewer Connections, and are reported three times more often, which can lead to blocking.
It’s also important that your photos reflect what else you’d like to convey about yourself. Anything that showcases your travels or hobbies can make for a fabulous talking point, as well as contextualising you to those that view your profile. 

What should I write?

Moving on to the text, we know that members with completed “About” sections are much more likely to make Connections - up to 50 per cent more likely, as we mentioned at the start, so it’s worth taking some time to really think about what you want to include here. Be specific. While it can be tempting to ‘cast the net’ as wide as possible and make your profile very broad, the more specific you can be, the greater your chance of attracting people who suit and match your tastes. Read the Complete Works of Shakespeare? Wax lyrical about your favourite play! Love lychee martinis? Share how you like them served!

Next, remember to add some Interests and Desires tags as this will match you with like-minded bods. Simply type the word you want to add then separate it from the next tag by a comma. And if you want to change or update your desires? Simply tap on the word you wish to erase.

How do I use the search settings?

The Search settings aren’t just there to clarify your options but to help you connect with people you might not necessarily come across on a day-to-day basis. How you set your parameters can generate wildly different results. Sort by distance, age, radius, account type (couple or singles), sexuality and Feeld Cores, and in different combinations of these to get the best results.

To set your search preferences:

  1. Go to Feeld settings (the icon in the bottom left corner)
  2. Select ‘Search Settings’
  3. Adjust the search filters according to your preferences

So what are you waiting for? Make those updates and wait for the connections to rise...

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