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How do Paired Accounts work on Feeld?


November 30th, 2022

Learn more about how to explore Feeld with a partner.

You don’t just have to explore Feeld solo; our Paired Accounts functionality means that you can bring your partner along too. Whether you’re just dipping a toe into the world of non-monogamy, or have been on the scene for a while, it’s a feature designed to enhance your dating experience. Here’s how to use it.

Pairing your profile

When you pair your profile with a partner on Feeld, you each maintain your own individual account on your personal device – however, scroll down to the bottom of your profile on the app, and there will be a link to your partner’s profile. This means that the community can see that you’re a couple and view your partner’s profile too. 

To link your profiles, your partner also needs to be on Feeld. Once they’ve created their profile, go to your Settings page and choose Edit Profile. Tap on ‘Invite your partner’ and share the link with them. This will prompt Feeld to open on their phone, and ask your partner to accept the invite. Once they do, your profiles will be linked.

No Connections or chat histories are shared; your dating experience remains private to you, and your profile maintains your own details and photos. The only change is that your connection to your partner is visible to other users, and you can create Group Chats together (just open a Connection, tap on the three dots in the right-hand corner, and choose Add Partner.) And if only one of you has Majestic Membership, only the partner with MM can access the extra features.

Why pair with your partner?

Whether you play together or apart, linking your profile with your partner allows for greater transparency when dating. On Feeld you can be who you are and be upfront about your desires and situation. Involving your partner is fair on them, and on the other people you date too. You can unlink at any time if you decide it’s not for you.

Pairing with more than one partner

Right now you can only link up with one partner, so if you’re hoping to link up an entire polycule it’s sadly not currently possible. However we know it’s important to our community, and we’re improving the Feeld experience all the time, so stay tuned.

What if my partner doesn’t have Feeld?

If your partner doesn’t wish to join Feeld, we recommend you’re still upfront about your relationship status on your profile. Adding a statement clarifying that you’re non-monogamous and in a relationship can avoid any confusion for humans who are seeking something different to what you’re offering. Again, given that you have the opportunity to be totally honest and specific about what you’re seeking, why not take it?

Openly dating as a couple allows everyone to have a more honest and fulfilling experience. We’re all seeking different things, and the more we embrace transparency in our dating practices, the truer we can be to ourselves, our desires, and our partners.

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