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Protecting our Members and their Privacy

Ana Kirova

December 4th, 2023

Safety is our priority. Learn more about how we’ve updated our Location feature to protect your privacy.

The below was first published in December 2023. For more recent information, please read our latest update.

Feeld is one of the largest communities for people of like minds and desires to make meaningful human connections, and we’ve seen tremendous growth over the past two years. As such, we’ve rebuilt our app to meet the needs of our community and include advancements in functionality, such as new options for search and discoverability, to provide the best experience for our Members. While the launch didn’t go as expected, we want our Members to know that our team is working around the clock to remedy all issues and create the experience you deserve.

We understand that your privacy is of the utmost importance, which is why we have safeguards across our company to protect it. It’s with safety as a priority that we removed the location visibility setting from Member profiles to finetune this feature. All profiles you see in Discover will still respect the distance you have set in Search Settings. The only time you will see the name of a city is if a Member chooses to explore that city through Search Settings.

We’re incredibly grateful to our tremendous community for your dedication to the app as we continue to grow with our Members. Your feedback is invaluable, and we appreciate your patience throughout this process. As we work to update some of our features and create the ideal hub for our community, we encourage you to reach out directly to [email protected] for help. 

We are here and are listening.

– Ana Kirova, CEO of Feeld

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