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Note from Ana: Your questions about the new Feeld app

Ana Kirova

December 3rd, 2023

As we have transitioned to a brand new Feeld app, CEO Ana Kirova shares an update on issues you might be experiencing.

The below was first published in December 2023. For more recent information, please read our latest update.

As many of you know, we just released a new Feeld app. This has not been a simple update: what you see today is Feeld rebuilt from the ground up, with a brand new backend. This is not a cosmetic makeover but a product of immense team effort over many months. The changes you see today span the entire product, design system and technology, and are part of the holistic evolution we needed to make in order to host our growing and evolving community.

As we have transitioned to our new app, we have encountered several issues that we know are affecting your experience. Our team is working around the clock to address them and will be sharing updates in real time on our social media channels. This article will remain the central source for all new information as soon as it’s available, so continue to check in for updates.

In the meantime, below are some of the steps to issues you might be experiencing.

1. Accessing Your Account

If you’ve had issues logging in or accessing your account, please make sure you have the latest app updates available in the App Store and Google Play, then try logging in again.

2. Login and Registration Emails

We’re sorry to say that we had an early issue with login and registration emails, but very glad to share that it’s now been resolved and should be working properly. Please try again, and if you experience any difficulties, contact us at [email protected] for this and anything else you may need.

3. Accessing Connections & Messages

You should be able to access all your Connections. Existing Connections are now in your chat log (bottom icon, third from the left) below active chats, while New Connections will continue to appear in the top navigation bar as before.

It may take a little longer than usual to load due to the high volume of new activity. We’re actively working on this now in the backend to increase our speed to accommodate demand.

4. Location Privacy [updated as of December 4, 2023]

Upon launching the new app, our Members reported concerns around the names of locations being displayed on their profile. We heard your feedback, and have updated this feature as a short-term solution while we continue to refine the best, long-term fix. The only time a name of a location will be included in your profile is if you are using our Locations feature to set a specific area to explore. Please check back soon for more updates as we have them.

5. Direct and Group Chats

We’ve received some reports that the chat function is running slowly. In our community chats, some Members may be experiencing long wait times to load, or even not loading at all. We sincerely apologize for these delays, and we’ve got an update in review for iOS and Android being prepared right now. We’ll release it as soon as it’s ready.

6. Account Unavailable

We’re very sorry to hear that some of you are seeing a message that says “Account Unavailable” when you try to sign in. This is an error, and we know how frustrated you must be—please know that your data is secure while we work to get you back on Feeld as soon as possible.

Feeld is such a special place, only made possible by you – our community. As we work through kinks, we will continue to share updates transparently; we are all growing together. Nothing is more important to us than your safety and experience, and I am grateful for your continued patience and understanding as we complete the transition to a better, smoother and stronger version of Feeld.

This post was edited on December 7, 2023 to provide the most up-to-date answers to your questions.

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