Feb 8, 2019

Do February Right: Invite Your Crush Anonymously

February is an exciting month, not least for being split in half by the Black Friday of love. To take off some of the pressure and remind you about the most exciting way to experience its highs and flutters, we created 'Invite your crush' (to the Feeld app).

Who is 'Invite your crush' for?

Whether you are single or in a couple, you can subtly test if the human you like is on the same page. It could be a difficult conversation to start, especially if your crush is someone you already know or you are in circumstances that impose limits on how bold you can be with your approach – like a workplace or university. So if you're finding it hard, or are just a curious human, this feature is for you.

In the App

If you are already on Feeld you might have noticed a new section in your settings named 'Invite your crush'. If they accept you will see them in Discover.

‍Not on Feeld, but still want to invite a crush?

If you are not on the app but still want to invite a crush, you can to that too. 'Invite your crush' will send an anonymous e-mail or text after you enter your crush's details. If they accept your invitation and are within your search settings, you should be able to see them in your Discover. After that, it's up to you.

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