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Oct 25, 2022

How to get the most out of group chats

Exploration can be between two people – but often on Feeld it’s between more.

With almost a million humans on Feeld listing ‘threesome’ as a Desire on their profiles, discovery for many is increasingly a process of connection with more than one person at a time, virtually or otherwise.

Once you’ve Connected with another human on Feeld, you probably know that you can chat to them.  But did you know that you can also create group chats of up to 25 people? Whether you want to arrange some exciting multi-human fun or to simply shoot the breeze, here’s how it works.

Setting up a group chat

It’s easy to set up a chat. Simply go to your Connections tab and click on the first human you want to add to the group chat, as you would to message normally. In the top right-hand corner you then click on the three dots, and can select others from your Connections list to join the two of you in conversation. Hey presto – you’re chatting as three, or more.

Who’s it for?

Maybe you’re using Feeld as a couple, and want to introduce your new beau to your existing partner – either to see if you could play nicely together, or just because they’d like to meet them. Maybe you’re looking to explore some local parties, and adding other interested people means you can try and pin down a date that works for everyone. Maybe you’re new to the scene and are looking to meet new people, and the group chat becomes a space to just chat about your days and what’s going on. Group chats can bring people together through shared interests, kinks, locations, or whatever else you have in common. And whatever you want to use the group chat for, it’s a space for you to comfortably and easily connect with others.

Virtual threeways (and beyond)

One example is that you might be interested in your first threesome, but you’re not quite ready to meet up IRL. In this case, a sexy group threeway might just be the perfect first step. You can introduce interested parties to each other, and start exploring what kind of things you might all be into. Online chat can be as hot as hooking up physically – and it also means you’re not limited by distance. Using the Cores feature you could enjoy virtual fun with humans thousands of miles away, without the logistics of real-life scheduling and venues. The only thing limiting you is time zones.

Making it work for you

Some of us are happier flirting online, and others are more in-person oriented – both options are totally valid. Group chats can be a place to both support and facilitate the fun of real life contact, or a fulfilling experience in themselves. In a hyper-connected world, it’s reductive to say that exploration and dating have to be face-to-face. Whether working comfortably within our boundaries and capabilities, or pushing past our comfort zones into new places of exploration, group chats can be enjoyed in the ways that feel right for you.

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