Oct 13, 2020

For Play by Feeld

FOR PLAY is an interactive experience conceived as a form of foreplay to dating on Feeld

FOR PLAY by Feeld is an interactive 'digital foreplay' experience where touching comes first. Created in collaboration with Moniker, the Amsterdam-based design studio researching the social effects of technology, and Steve O Connell Studio in Dublin, FOR PLAY connects visitors in a digital play space and lets them ‘touch’, tease and flirt with each other without the need of hand sanitiser. Conceived as a form of foreplay to dating on Feeld, FOR PLAY uses anonymised video stream that allows you to get a feel for someone before seeing their profile. Because desire needs a space for play.

How For Play works

Upon entering the microsite feeldforplay.com, you will be transformed into a floating avatar that both mirrors and completely abstracts your features. Using camera feed which is distorted on both ends of the server upload, providing both transparency and privacy, FOR PLAY assigns your avatar to a digital room where you can interact with up to four other live participants. The multi-sensory experience stimulates sight, touch and hearing and encourages spontaneity by ensuring encounters are entirely random and organic.

The experience continues inside the Feeld app where visitors can join the FOR PLAY virtual location.

For Play works on mobile and desktop devices and is accessible globally.

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