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May 18, 2017

Slack Dating Bot

The first dating bot for Slack. Designed to bring positive feelings to communities and workplaces around the world.

How does it work

  1. Just @mention someone you have feelings for.
  2. It will be our little secret unless feelings are mutual.
  3. Be amazing and say hello to your crush.

Be nice/don't be a D

Working with someone can often make us feel extra close to that person but that might be one-sided. Don't overstep your welcome and be ready to back off if necessary.


Feeld is about inclusivity, acceptance and respect. Discrimination, intimidation or marginalisation of any kind has no place in our community. Preserve the open, honest, respectful attitude in your interactions with others.


Nothing should happen without a talk and agreement about consent. Trusting that someone understands what you are comfortable with, the limits to your comfort, and that they won't violate those limits without your agreement — and vice-versa — is essential to the growth of intimacy, authenticity, mutual respect and above all, safety.

Work is work

Having fun at work is great and exploring your feelings is what we believe in. Work is work however, so always remember the main reason you're there – to make things with the brilliant people in your team.

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