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A term that includes a wide range of erotic practices generally relating to control and/or pain. Activities can be broken down into categories of bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and sadism and masochism.


The practice of being physically and consensually restrained for sexual satisfaction; think being tied up, handcuffs, and more.


A physical (and/or emotional) relationship without the commitments and expectations of a more formal, traditionally monogamous relationship.


Two humans involved in a relationship that includes some form of commitment, and with the expectation of accommodating the boundaries of this commitment when playing with others.


Meeting another human (or multiple humans) for an activity out of the bedroom, that may or may not lead to activity within the bedroom.

Dominant / dom

A BDSM term for a human within a power dynamic who takes total, or partial, control over the human in the commands, while the submissive is the one who obeys. The dominant within the power dynamic takes total (or partial) power over the human in the submissive role.


A threesome where all humans involved identify as women.


A threesome between two humans who identify as female, and one who identifies as male.


A catch-all term for all the intimate and sexy activities that aren’t the act of penetrative sex itself.


An emotional connection between two people that isn’t defined by a sexual element.


Mutual enjoyment between two humans.


Friends With Benefits. A casual relationship between two humans based on mutual respect, but without the expectation of commitment.


A term popularised by Dan Savage to define the qualities of an excellent sexual partner: good (in bed), giving (of time and pleasure), and game (for exploring and being open-minded).


Sex between three or more consenting humans.


A wide-ranging term for any unconventional sexual preference or behaviour.


A threesome where two participants identify as male, and one as female.


A threesome between three male-identifying participants.


A shortened term for Polyamory.


Polyamory - sometimes known as Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) or Consensual Non Monogamy (CSM) - constitutes having consensual relationships that involve multiple partners. Polyamorous humans communicate openly with their partners about having – or having the desire to have – relationships with others. Relationships often have an emotional element, as well as a sexual one. Do not confuse it with…


Polygamy means being married to more than one person - a practice which is illegal in many countries.


Being particularly into receiving or giving pleasure that involves the senses, such as light touch and taste.


A human not committed to a specific partner.


The counterpoint to dom / dominant, submissives receive sexual pleasure and gratification from the relinquishing of power and control to another in the bedroom.


Messaging another human in ways that can be both conversational and/or sensual.


An enthusiastically consensual sexual encounter between three humans.


Being a voyeuristic participant of the intimate activities of other humans, without engaging physically with them (though you might engage with your own pleasure.)

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