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Mar 30, 2020

How to work remotely

Feeld has been a remote company since its founding in 2014. We asked our team to share their best tips on working from home.

Feeld has always been a remote company and as all Feeld team members can attest, the experience of remote working and working from home can be a rollercoaster of highs and lows. 

In light of the current Covid-19 crisis that has made self-isolation a matter of public safety, remote working is likely to become a much bigger part of the future of work. While the current restrictions may reveal working in an office as something frequently unnecessary and inefficient, remote working poses its own challenges to both institutions and individuals.

That's why we asked everyone from the team to share their best-kept secrets for remaining sane, healthy and motivated when working remotely.

1. Create firm work/life boundaries

  • 'Being a remote organisation, it can be difficult to separate work time from free time. It's natural to want to be available to your team mates and constantly check communications channels for updates. Being available and reactive may even be a big part of your role. However, being in a prolonged state of reaction can be quite stressful and eventually lead to burnout, so make you sure you get separate downtime.' – Kristin, Operations
  • 'Separate your home and work areas, as much as possible. Do not work from your couch or bed (unless you are one of the lucky few who can do so productively). Set up a home-office/workspace on a table with a good chair and try to keep a good posture – your body will thank you later, trust us. Don't forget to get up, stretch regularly and have breaks.' – Victor, Product

2. Take advantage of your flexible schedule during the day

  • 'If you are not in quarantine, go for a short walk or cycle around the block before starting work, to take your brain in the right state of focus (just like you would when you commute). Avoid close contact with people as much as possible. Do the same at the end of the day to signal the break between work and home time.' – Emilio, Support
  • 'Take a proper lunch break rather than eating at your desk. It's important to take some time away from work in the middle of the day to refocus. You can cook a small meal, stretch, read. If you would normally chat with colleagues, maybe organise an optional short call at the end of the hour to talk about anything that isn't work-related.' – Caolan, Growth
  • 'If you walk/cycle to work, then walk/cycle halfway there, then turn around. Puts you in the mood!' – Rich, Scrum Master
  • 'Acknowledge the other people that live in your home too. Take time to have lunch together, play with your children and give your pets some fuss.' – Ross, Development

3. Stay connected and social with your team

  • 'If can make a habit of saying good morning to colleagues on Slack, for example, or dedicating time and calls for casual office chat. This is time you would be spending if you were in an office anyway, so don't just pretend like it doesn't happen. You can also join or form groups within your organisation for regular social connection at work.' – Victor, Product
  • 'Communicate your availability clearly for your colleagues. It can also get pretty lonely at times, so make time for water-cooler chats with your colleagues.' – Neil, Development
  • 'Get a Friday evening beer with colleagues (via Hangouts)' – Steve, Design

4. Create a personal remote routine and stick to it

  • 'Having a morning ritual is key. I can highly recommend the book Miracle Morning for this. I’m actually finding having a morning ritual is even easier when you’re stuck at home. I also suggest trying to avoid calls first thing in the morning and have dedicated work time for the first 3 hours. Otherwise it can be easy to get distracted early on and spend the whole day like that.' – Kyle, Finance
  • 'Wear shoes if you’re not used to working from home – it makes it feel a bit more official!' – Rich, Scrum Master
  • 'Get dressed! Even if you won't be on video, it really helps to get in the right work mindset if you're not sitting in your pyjamas all day. Some people say that wearing shoes at home can help you feel at the office.' – Victor, Development
  • 'Have a structure around your day by creating working hours for yourself. Perhaps the classic 9-5 doesn't work for you so this is your chance to adapt your day around what works best for you.' – Caolan, Growth
  • 'If living with housemates, make sure that they have access to your (carefully-updated) calendar, so they know whether it's ok to knock on or not.' – Solvi, Engineer
  • 'When the self-isolation period is over, one major tip is get out of the house, work at least one day per week outside of your home and join a co-working space.' – Ana, Product

5. Create a work ambiance you like

  • 'Find a playlist that can help you concentrate, unless you're on a call. Working with music makes it so much easier and fun.' – Emilio, Support
  • 'Slight modification to Emilio’s – if I really need to focus, I’ll play a full album rather than a playlist. I find it means I already know what’s next, so I never get jolted out of my work.' – Rich, Scrum Master

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